The Stages Of Sleep

According to research, sleep is very important to the development of our bodies. It is during sleep that muscles get repaired, memory gets restructured and growth hormones are perfectly released. And for this reason, it is recommended that we have enough sleep for our bodily benefits.

Obviously, when we sleep accordingly, we wake up when we are strong and fully refreshed. And this key to our overall performance in life. In contrast, when we do not have adequate sleep our bodies do not undergo the complete phases of sleep and this is very detrimental to our well-being.

Scientifically, a normal sleep occurs in five phases or stages. These stages are further classified into two namely the rapid eye movement phases and non-rapid eye movement phases.

Usually, the first four stages fall into the category of non-rapid eye movement phase (NREM), while the fifth stage falls into the rapid eye movement phase (REM). Mathematically, we can say that the NREM phase takes 75% of the sleep while REM phase takes 25%. It is important to note that these two phase. Surprisingly, scientists affirm that dreams usually come during the REM phase.

The first stage of sleep is always characterized by light sleep. In other words, in this stage you are between awake and sleep and therefore you can easily wake up. It takes a period of between five to 10 minutes. The second stage is where now real sleep begins. You are completely unconscious of your surrounding environment. Breathing and heart beat rate go down and the body temperature falls giving you a comfortable environment for a deep sleep.

In stages three and four, this where there is deep sleep. You are completely out of memory of your environment. To the extent that it may be almost difficult to detect a slight move. When you are woken in this stages, you feel so much uncomfortable. You just want to get back to sleep. In this stages, breathing tremendously slows down and the body pressure falls. Furthermore muscles are relaxed as blood supply to them increases. Amazingly, tissue growths and repair take place. And more importantly the body energy is restored. In this stages also, many hormones are released such as growth hormones and those for muscle development.

The last stage which is also the REM phase takes place ninety minutes after you fall asleep. This phase recurs after every ninety minutes but with time, its recurring time length become longer. It is a stage that provides sufficient energy to the brain and the body. Moreover, the body relaxes because the muscles have been put to rest. The brain is always active and that why dreams can be recalled.

In view of the aforesaid, it becomes clear that sleep is so relevant to our general growth. However, sometimes we may realize that we do not have good sleeps may be due to sleep problems. Ambien is the right solution for making us have enough sleeps. It helps in making an individual fall asleep faster by causing the brain to release a calming effect. For this reason, get the best sleep medications and experience the benefits of good sleeps. Buy Ambien online today!