Precisely two years ago, I developed an interest in sports betting. I followed up the interest by subscribing to sports betting champ’s selections. I was skeptical when I heard about his 97 percent win record.

After studying his modus operandi, I found out that it was possible to relish the win ratio,

Statistics has been a food tool for the Champ. He has used it to increase his chance of winning.  What he did was to find out the things or qualities that make a team win 95 percent of the time.

These qualities increase the odds for the team. The information he has on a team’s qualities helps him make a good analysis on the chances of the team.

With my little knowledge in sports, I go with his picks and I do well. Due to his amazing success rate with baseball, I decided to start with it.

The season had already started before I came in but I won all the picks I played that year which was about 32. That was amazing!

Bets are not placed every day. This is because certain benchmarks have to be met. When you subscribe, he sends his picks to you via email or you can click here to recieve them.

This helps those who know nothing about the sport or follow it. All I just do is open my mail and place bets according to his pick and check the next day for results.

Include fewer selections on the bets you place. This will enhance your chances of winning. Placing bets on large numbers of matches doesn’t guarantee winnings.

The champ also offers college basketball, NBA and NFL too. Depending on how often you want to place bets each day, he has a daily picks subscription for you.

He has a new product called the buffet. You will require thousands of dollars a year to subscribe to this.

The champ gets selections from over 500 handicappers who he subscribes to. He takes out time to go through their materials and gives you bets based on what is trending.

He has a unique way of reaching out to his customers by giving out information on how he got his formula. You can confirm it by doing some research on you own. In the last few years, I have done the research by myself and came up with the same results.

The 2010 season is about to start. The baseball teams are getting ready. I am ready to multiply my stakes this season and lest I forget, a solid money management program comes with the picks.



My name is Tony Lucas. I am a writer who specializes in sports betting.

I have over 10 years of experience writing for newspapers and online journals. I write reviews for gaming sites and companies and understand the intricacies of sports betting.

I have also been an active participant in sports betting for over two years and subscribe to many sport betting journals and magazines.

I have excellent knowledge of the industry and this has helped me write articles that offer a good judgment of the sports betting sector. I am a dynamic thinker with good oral and written communication skills.