Essential Oils and Herbs

Research tells us that dried herbs lose a great amount of their oxygen molecules and healing nutrients which could be as much as 90%. This however doesn’t happen to Essential Oils.

Thanks to research, we know that Essential Oils create the basic frequency that a healthy man needs to thrive which cannot accommodate any form of disease, fungus or virus.

The new kind of medicine-resistant pathogens that science is discovering can’t create a habitat where Essential Oils are constantly used. No kind of pathogen has been said to resist Essential Oils by mutating.

We also know that if it is applied to the skin the effect of Essential Oil will be felt in every cell of the body in less than 20 minutes.

Essential Oils are used as a delivery agent to feed cell nucleus with food nutrients that is passed through the cell wall with the help of its high oxygenating molecules.


All the essential ingredients that make up the life force of a plant can be found in Essential Oil. This life force cooperates well with the body. Essential Oils are also used as medicine by some of the renowned doctors worldwide.

Another wonderful thing I love about Essential Oils is that you can easily get the unadulterated therapeutic form since it is readily available in stores online.

In conclusion, it is also safe and it can be used at home. There are people who use it as an air filter to purify their atmosphere so there will be no breeding space for any kind of bacteria or virus. This will create a healthy environment.

Most of these oils can be applied to the skin directly; when it is applied this way on the skin, there is an immediate benefit received from many forms of illnesses.

When it is inhaled directly, it produces fast relief from headaches, blocked or running nose, nausea, anxiety and so many others.

Joy Lorbor is a researcher for one of the top beauty companies in the US.