When writing stories, articles or any kind of piece, the first factor to always consider is your subject.

That is, you must know at the very beginning of your writing what you want to write about.

When I say know your subject, it means you must be conversant with the subject matter.

Your subject matter gives you an idea of what will be in the content of your piece, in fact the contents will revolve round your subject matter.

Here is a key point:

If you have a topic you know nothing about, then don’t bother to write on it at all.

Look for a niche you’re conversant with and let people know you for that.

Do not make the mistake of writing about things you don’t know anything about especially books that says “How to”. To write about books like that, you must have at least 90% information about it.

It heartbreaking but nevertheless true that there are many books out there that should have gone to the press at all.

This kind of books has no worth or substance whatsoever and this is because the writer doesn’t know much about what he’s writing but he has a deadline line to meet.

But just like we have bad books, we also have good books that has impacted the lives of people positively.

And every great book always has an iota of truth to it, it has value and moral lessons to be learnt by the audience or readers, whether the story or piece is fiction or non-fiction.

And if you’re writing a fictional story where you have to let your imagination wander a little, make sure the subject matter doesn’t wander away from your consciousness.

You can